Integral Role of the Materials and Facilities Coordinator
Materials and Facilities Coordinator, Alex Tucker

Edgecombe-Martin County EMC’s Materials and Facilities Coordinator, Alex Tucker, plays a crucial role in supporting our members and the cooperative as a whole. 

While the materials and facilities coordinator’s work often goes unnoticed, he ensures the smooth operation of various tasks, including inventory management, infrastructure repair and maintenance, and prompt response during power outages.

The responsibilities of our materials and facilities coordinator encompass several important duties. He guarantees that construction crews, line technicians, and contractors have all the necessary materials to complete their jobs. He also oversees the organization and tracking of materials in the pole yard and keeps the warehouse well-stocked with supplies and equipment. He handles the loading and unloading of supplies and equipment with utmost care, recognizing their value and the challenge of replacing them.
Being proactive and staying ahead of supply-chain challenges is a priority for Edgecombe-Martin County EMC. The availability of supplies and equipment is essential for our line technicians to carry out their work effectively. In order to maintain a steady inventory, we collaborate with other North Carolina cooperatives through the Tarheel Electric Membership Association (TEMA). This cooperative purchasing allows us to benefit from better pricing and a wider range of products.

The exceptional service our members have come to expect is largely owed to the unwavering dedication of our Materials and Facilities Coordinator, Alex Tucker.