Prepaid Services

Don’t want to pay a large lump sum for your electric bill all at one time? This program allows you to pay for electricity as you need it, and it is a great alternative to paying high security deposits since electricity is purchased prior to usage.

No more deposits, no more monthly electric bills, no more late payment charges and direct control of your energy budget – those are some of the advantages and benefits that our prepaid account service can offer to residential members that choose to participate in the program.

This technology has been shown to help consumers better manage their energy consumption, and on average consumers tend to realize a 6-8 percent reduction in their electric energy consumption because they are consistently monitoring their account online and are more aware of how they are using energy.

To learn more about signing-up for a prepaid account, call our office at (252)823-2171 or click on the informational brochure above.

A bill payment terminal is available at the drive-thru canopy at our office and is open 24 hours a day. All members can utilize the bill payment terminal to pay by cash or credit and debit card on their account, and best of all there are no fees assessed for using the terminal. Prepaid members must have the ability to pay online at or over the phone by calling 1-855-356-6358 in order to make additional energy purchases.


To download a Prepaid brochure click Here